How Do I Attribute Blog Images?

How to Attribute Blog Images

by David Koenig, Demand Media

Adding relevant pictures to a blog post attracts readers and boosts the impact of your content. It’s good practice to acknowledge the owner of the image, and in some cases, proper attribution may be a condition of using the image. Failing to acknowledge the author may infringe on the copyright. Attributing an image on your blog requires a simple addition during the editing process.

This comical look at human error reminds up to keep it light. Image: Lee Lorenze, Cartoonist to The New Yorker

Step 1Add a caption to the photo with the word “Image,” followed by a colon and the name of the person who created or owns the image. For example: “Image: John Doe.”

Step 2Turn the name of the owner or creator into a hyperlink, especially if you are attributing the image to a website. This is a courtesy to the owner, who gets the benefit of a backlink, which helps his search engine rankings and sends visitors to his site.

Step 3

Add the same line at the end of the post if your blogging platform doesn’t let you add a caption. Distinguish it from the main body of the post by putting it in italics or a smaller font, or aligning the text to the right.

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  1. Although some of the images I have chose for my blog are relevant they are difficult to give proper attributes. This is because either the website they can from are irrelevant or they do not give an artist or source. What should I do in this case? Thank you for your feedback as well! I will do what I can to improve in the areas where needed.


  2. This is very helpful. I almost posted my blog introduction giving credit to the person who posted the picture but not as inviting as this. Thanks.


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