Truth or Dare



Students are always talking about the class behind my back, but because my class is online, I rarely hear from them how it went. However, every once in a while, someone does the courtesy of giving me feedback.

I thought of how on there are product testimonials, so I thought I’d collect a few here for future students.


Brandon Dixon

“This is the last assignment,  which means the term is coming to an end. I really enjoyed the curriculum in this class that the structured freedom you have allowed in choosing our topics. Writing is not my go-to to fun but you have made it much more enjoyable through your teaching. Many of the concepts were new to me, and I actually felt like I learned this term. Next term, I will be finishing up my lower-division classes and then moving on to a university in the Fall. My hope is that I will meet more professors with your creativity and passion. Thank you for the experience.


gossipingKallista Wilson

Over all this term has been great. This class has surprisingly been my easiest. And honestly I was dreading this class because I did horrible in high school writing, so I always thought I was just a horrible writer.

It really shocks me that I am doing this great in writing, and I am so happy that this is working out and that I have improved so much. I’m sure a lot of it is having the right teacher/professor. I really value your helpfulness, especially in the beginning when a lot of us were struggling. You seem so lighthearted and understanding. I hope I get a chance to take another course with you!

The only recommendation I have for you is to keep your course website like you have it! I know before things were confusing and dates were a little funky. But since you further broke it down for us and added the due dates in the links for assignment, it has really helped.

Having the calendar to also refer to has been great. It goes into a little more detail. Other than that I just loved the class and really enjoyed having you as a professor. Thank you for always communicating with all of us!


truthbeToldJamie Pate

First off, I want to say that you have been a very understanding and patient instructor. I am glad you have allowed me to use all forms of communication with you. It was very helpful to be able to text you questions that needed short answers.

In the beginning of the term, I felt very lost even though you had detailed instructions. I kept fumbling through from Moodle to Edublogs and not remembering what information was where. I was VERY overwhelmed and considered dropping the class. If it had not been for you being quick to answer my questions, I’m not so sure I would have been able to make it. I feel like there was too much information too fast.

The calendar has been my savior because everything I need to know is all in one place and laid out clear. I would recommend giving less information in the beginning of the term and gradually exposing the students to new material.


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