Progress Report (Student Example Amanda Zarate)


To:    Sandy Brown Jensen

From: Amanda Zarate

Date: May 29, 2016

Subject: Progress Report

Apple iMac Desktop Computer (Source:
Apple iMac Desktop Computer (Source:


This progress report is to inform you of my current status concerning my proposal assignment. I have chosen to use my feasibility report that involved choosing which computer would be best to update Dr. White’s dental office with. In my feasibility report,  three different computer brands. The outcome of that feasibility report has created a scenario that needs to be addressed so the dental office can make that transition work.

This report covers what needs to be put into action so the new Apple iMac computers will work for the dental office employees. A proposal on how to educate and train the office staff, concerning the new platform and software, will be made to Dr. White and his staff.

The proposal will cover:

  • Introduction
  • Problem
  • Objectives/Goals
  • Solution
  • Method
  • Resources
  • Qualifications
  • Costs

The proposal will be presented at an imperative time, right before the transition from old computers to new computers will be made. My proposal will resolve a problem that the office staff will run into if not properly addressed and fixed.

Facts and Discussion

  1. I am a little bit behind on the proposal, but I don’t think it will take me too long to catch up. I expect to have everything done and worked out by the required time.
  2. I have accomplished the basic idea on what I want to propose. I also have written almost all of the sections that will be included in the proposal.
  3. I have images and a chart that I have planned and are in the works. I will finish writing and update all aspects of my proposal before I continue to finish the images. With the use of images, I want to display costs and what will be done to address the problem discussed in the proposal.
  4. I anticipate having much more details included in the solution and method section as the writing process continues.
  5. So far, I haven’t come across any problems concerning the proposal or the information going into the images. I feel that the cost portion will be challenging, and I think it will take some time to structure it appropriately.
  6. I also think it would be helpful to research what other medical offices do to train their employees when a new computer system is integrated into the whole office. It would provide me more options and an idea of costs and the structure of employee training.


Overall, my proposal has more to go, but within the next seven days, I will make great strides in the information and images I add to the paper. I think the problem and solution that I have in my scenario are realistic to what happens in many medical offices. It isn’t far from what I have experienced myself while working in the health industry. A computer change can be a big deal within any business, especially any field involving medicine. This assignment will provide a great opportunity to learn how to address a problem and offering a solution.


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