User Test Report from Ryujiro Yoshioka

This blog post is a User Test Report from an ESL student who did a great job using feedback from his peers to improve both his instructions and his editing.

To: Sandy Brown Jensen, Writing 227 Instructor LCC

From: Ryujiro Yoshioka

Date: 23th April, 2016

Subject: User Test Report



My instructions are a step by step method for folding a T-shirt professionally and quickly. My target audience is almost everyone who does laundry but feels uncomfortable with folding their clothes. My instructions allow them to fold their clothes both  professionally and quickly.


The objectives of my instructions are to inform a person of folding their clothes cleanly and also quickly. Each step includes a picture and of the procedure and  a descriptive instruction. The instructions are made to be easy for anyone to follow. It should an easy task and non stressful at the same time.


Basically, the rough draft of my instruction is very similar to the final draft. I changed a few sentences that confused the readers after reviewing my test instruction.

I’ve got four people testing my instructions. My test readers are all classmates including both men and women. They are:

  • Brandon Dixon
  • Meredith Blair
  • Jongwoo Won
  • Amanda Zarate
  • Whitney Snell

I think they are a good representative of my target because some of them are people living by themselves; one of them is a mother of a child, so I could see how each did it clearly. In addition to that that, the age is varied, which is good to see for any instruction testing. As I provided the instruction to the instruction, I asked for their feedback and thoughts, which give me a chance to improve my instructions.

Results and Discussion

I was amazed by the fact that the readers who did my instructions were all able to successfully follow my instructions. I felt that they liked having the picture of the instruction beside the descriptions to show them what needed to be done for each step. It seems that some of my classmates doing my instruction got confused by my English-is-my-Second-Language errors, which I was afraid of; however, they gave me some grammar suggestions, which was extremely helpful. Based on their feedback, I changed a few sentences of the descriptions.

I received four feedback videos from my classmates. Below each is presented with a brief summary of what I observed in it.

The video above is from Brandon Dixon attempting my instruction. The video shows that he was able to successfully fold his T-shirt. I like the way that he printed out my instructions; that makes it easier to follow.

The second video is from Jongwoo Won. As seen his video, he did a great job on this instruction without problems. He does not even look at my instruction from his laptop or phone which is great.

The video above from Amanda was filmed from a great angle. It does not seem that she had any trouble following the instructions.

This video from Meredith was also videoed from a good angle, so I could clearly see how she did it. She also told me that I had some grammar mistakes in my instruction. That was what I was worried about, because it possibly makes the readers more confused, but she helped me out.

As you can see the size of screen of the video, this video from Whitney was filmed on her mobile phone. I could say that the instructions themselves worked for all of the testers; however, I had to change some words that did not make sense to them.


I have learned from the video test that the instructions need to be more clear in term of the descriptions that I wrote. The revision that I made is to include a warning section that gives the readers more specific information. I changed the wording that did not make sense to the readers, and I added a section that included a contact number.

Overall, I am glad that they performed well for my instructions and found the process interesting.

To Brandon, Meredith, J, Amanda and Whitney!

Thank you for the videos!




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