How Do I Embed a Google Doc on my Edu Blog?


So you decided you want to embed a Google Doc on your Edublog–congratulations! You are (probably) going to have a first lesson in altering code! I imagine the first thing you did was do a search for “how to embed a Google Doc on my Edu Blog.” (At least, that’s what I did.)

I got a 2012 video (see below). The only change to 2016 Edu Blogs that I can see is that at the top of your composing page, next to “visual” you will see “text” instead of “html” as the video shows. Same dif.

Need more Google embedding advice? Rad what student Caitlyn Hawkes has to say. Image:
Need more Google embedding advice? Rad what student Caitlyn Hawkes has to say.

The conversation continues!

Caitlyn Hawkes of my Lane CC WR 227 Spring 2016 online class has some valuable advice to add to this conversation. She posted the following on the Student-to-Student forum:

It seems that some people are experiencing issues with getting their instruction tables to display properly once embedded into your blog.  It seems the biggest complaint is what I am dubbing the “skinny” effect.  Your lovely, hard worked on tables, are appearing smashed on your site.  My instructional post with a non-smashed sized table can be found here(click me!).  I checked the layout on two differently sized monitors, and the table appears close to how it should on each.  I laid my table out in the google doc by creating (3) 2×2 tables.  One of the reasons that I used several separate tables, was because once my pictures were inserted, page breaks were appearing mid-row.Here(click me!) is a link to the raw google doc I embedded, so you can see how I set it up originally.   However, I believe the main thing that is attributing to my table appearing ok embedded is the 2×2 table structure.  I will also mention, that when I embedded the table, I changed the HTML code generated by the Google Docs “Publish to the Web Feature”.  What I did was set the “WIDTH” attribute to 100%, and the “HEIGHT” attribute to 600, I’ve pasted my exact embed code below, and highlighted the changes I made.

NOTE: I have included an extra set of quote marks at the beginning and end to prevent Moodle from treating the code like an action and embedding the doc here, I have highlighted that set in torquise.  THEY SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED WHEN YOU POST THE LINK TO EDUBLOG EDITOR.

“<iframe src=””width=”100%” height=”600″></iframe>”

I am curious to know, if the table on my blog page looks okay on other people monitors as well, and not smooshed?  I do tend to lean towards wide screen monitors personally, and that may be skewing my results.  I’d also be curious to know if anyone has already set there table structure like mine (2×2), and changed the height and width settings AND is still experiencing the “skinny” effect.

Please let me know if even after these tips, you’re still experiencing issues with embedding a table, and while working on my revised instructions will see if there isn’t a better way!


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  1. Good Evening!
    I read through your instructions, googled a few of my own, and gave it a whirl. I took a look at Meredith’s blog and see what she is seeing about the “skinny” effect. I looked at mine on two different monitors, and do not seem to be experiencing that same problem with my post. I am curious however, to hear how it looks from other people. I am also using an embedded Google Doc with a table inserted. I would be interested to see the original document of the students experiencing the “skinny” effect. I set my table as a 2×4 and did 3 separate tables to avoid a page break mid-row.

  2. Mere,
    I hadn’t announced this blog post to the class yet exactly because of that problem. I will be revising , changing the rules of the games as well as this blog post.
    Many thanks!~

  3. Hello Sandy, I embedded my Google doc, just how you described, however, on your instructions #2, you said go to EDIT (in Google docs) and click on PUBLISH TO THE WEB. The publish to the web is under FILE, instead of edit.
    Also the embedded content is a bit skinny. I gave my blog URL under this comment, for you or others to glance at, and see if it looks correct. Thank you.

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