Graded Introductory Blog Post Assignment

DEADLINE: Sunday April 2, midnight

On your Eu-blog, leave an introduction of yourself. Focus especially on how you think Technical Writing will be useful in your upcoming education, college major, and possible career fields.

In this class, “I don’t know” is never good enough, as that is why Google was invented. What you don’t know, you can research on the internet. You can also ask people in your field, or contact a reference librarian (look to the right on this page for three ways to get free research help from a librarian you are paying to help you ).

Your Edu-blog is a “professional blog” that you can use in the future as a portfolio to show employers and university admissions officers. The tone should be both warm and professional. The amount of actual personal information you post is up to you, but be smart: this blog is on the open internet.

EVERY blog post in this class must include images. Make a study of how to include images that relate to your text. You must add captions as well as blog front page that has posts on how to do stuff like image attribution.  I have a category called “How Do I?” on the right hand side of my blog. Click on it and choose the topic you want:


Part of being a good digital citizen is learning the art of the blog comment. I have a “How Do I?” blog post on how to comment.

End with an open-ended question that invites others to respond. By doing this, you are learning how to invite others to view get involved with your blog.

Notice how different images in a blog send different cultural images. What audience do you think this one appeals to?
Notice how different images in a blog send different cultural images. What audience do you think this one appeals to?

Go around to other people’s introductions  and make comments.

You must at minimum leave comments for everyone in your Writing Circle (peer review group). You will find links to them all on my blogroll at

Here are the groups as the class opens. I will change them throughout the term as people drop or are added to the class:

Continue to comment until you have a complete list.

Here is a completely different image saying the same thing but to a different audience. Who do you think this would appeal to?
Here is a completely different image saying the same thing but to a different audience. Who do you think this would appeal to?

Then return to the Moodle forum. Click in and click “New Discussion.” Put your first and last name in the “subject” line.

Paste the list in the discussion box along with anything you want to say to me (like “Hi, Sandy! This was fun!” or “This was hard but I think I’m catching on!”). Click “post.” I will use your post to visit your comments and give you points.

All our assignments will work like that–everything on the blog. Links in a Moodle forum for grading.

It might seem confusing at first, but honest! This isn’t rocket science–you’ll pick it up with a little practice, and I’m right here with you all the way to answer questions and help you with the learning curve.

Was that clear? Do you have any questions for me? You can reach me by leaving a comment below, Moodle messaging me, texting me at 541-321-3210, or e-mailing me at

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  1. Mere,
    In Moodle in Drop Box #1 you just like the link to your intro.
    In the Writing Circle #1 next week, you will leave the links to your comments.

    I really appreciate comments on my posts because that shows me who is paying attention and interacting with me (which psychologically starts to affect my sense of who the top students are); however, you don’t have to leave a link for those. I am in the Writing Circles because otherwise I can’t see them to grade them!

  2. Tina,
    I just answered this question elsewhere, but I can’t remember where! I always give the “minimum required” activity, which is to comment on people just in your Writing Circle. I always expect A+ students to go “above and beyond,” and I’m guessing you may be one of those people!

  3. Erin,
    New tech moves challenge even people who are “tech savvy.” You’ll never really ever get there, but like me, you’ll get more at ease with making mistakes with confidence! 🙂

  4. Good question! I think we’ll all figure out who is who as we go along. Also, only ten people are currently linked up, so there are lots of people not yet online with us. Be patient!
    I always give a “minimum required” activity, so the minimum required is to comment on the blogs of the people in your Writing Circle. As I said in an email today, A+ students always go above and beyond, and I’m already getting the feeling you are one of those people!

  5. Hello Sandy, I think I’m starting to get a hang of this blogging thing! First of all, I just need to be linked with you, then I can use the links on the right side of my screen to get to my classmates’ blogs, correct? And I saw who is in my Writing Circle, but how do I know which blog is theirs? When I click on the link it takes me to Moodle and most people just have a nick name or just their first name on their blog. Thank you for taking the time to help me through this!

  6. Sandy, Thank you for the assistance setting up our blogs…. It was a little challenging for those of us probably not overly tech saavy 🙂 I am looking for ward to feedback on the blogs as that is how I will know if I followed directions correctly. (which I will cross my finger for) Thanks for your patience 🙂

  7. Hi Sandy, I just wanted to know for the writing circles, do we just comment on the intros in our group or can we just comment on any posts?
    Thank you

  8. Hello Sandy, I was wondering when we submit the URL’s of our writing circle to moodle in the “Drop Box Post #1”, do you want us to submit our own introduction blog with them as well?
    Also, you are listed in each of the writing circles, do you want us to comment on your blog too?
    Thank you.

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